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“Painted with Snores” is one of the projects of the Centaurus Foundation – a non-profit organization working on behalf of animals since 2006. Since the beginning, thanks to the support of Donors, the foundation has rescued more than a thousand horses, as well as hundreds of other animals in need of help. Many horses, ponies, dogs, cats and even donkeys have found new, loving homes after being rescued and often in need of rehabilitation. The sickest ones, requiring constant, intensive care, remain at the centre in Szczedrzykowice, which is the largest animal farm in Europe. It is home to more than four hundred ungulates, including horses and ponies. A herd of goats, donkeys, sheep, and llamas, as well as numerous dogs and cats, have also been cared for.

Painted with Snores

An artistic project “Painted with Snores” allows the foundation to raise funds for the maintenance of the foundation’s charges in its direct care. Its origins date back to 2016 when funds raised from the sale of paintings painted by the horse Lakuś and donkey Wiesia allowed for the repair of the roof of one of the stables. The animal artists even had their own exhibition at Wrocław’s “Klub Pod Kolumnami”. Since then, the colourful paintings have been very popular, and the entire amount from sales is donated to the upkeep of the animals on the animal farm and in the Centaurus Foundation reserve. Lakuś and Wiesio continue to fulfil themselves creatively, using carrots and non-toxic paints. You can find their wonderful artwork right here. All profits from the sale of the paintings go to support the charges of the Centaurus Foundation.


Our mission

One of the priorities of our foundation, in addition to protecting animal rights and working for animal contact therapy, is to support other organizations/individuals whose goals coincide with our statutory objectives. We support adoptive families in the treatment and maintenance of horses (conditions for adoption are on the home page in the “adoptions” section). We purchase horses, rehabilitate them, pre-train them and give them free of charge for hippotherapy. We organize activities for children and young people at risk of social marginalization. We financially, materially and substantively support organizations with a similar profile.

Centaurus Foundation

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The farm, located in Szczedrzykowice near Legnica, is the foundation’s main centre. It is here that the treatment and adaptation of horses eligible for stationary adoption take place. The centre is also home to the sickest, old and worn-out horses, which are provided with professional, almost round-the-clock care. The manor also houses a Mini Farm comprising several paddocks located in the central part of the centre. Donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, as well as chickens, ducks or geese, live there.


The Centaurus Reserve is located in the Przemkow Landscape Park and covers 400 hectares of grassland, as well as 80 hectares of wintering grounds. In the summer, about 300 animals use the extensive pastures, while in the winter those whose health and condition allow them to remain on the wintering grounds. The animals are provided with adequate shelters, and access to fresh water and oats. Along with all the amenities and under the watchful eye of the caretakers, they enjoy the best possible living conditions for ungulates.