Code of good practice

The Code is a compilation of good practices containing ethical and professional standards, which we follow when serving our customers who make a purchase in the charity store.

Dear shoppers – supporting the statutory activities of the Centaurus Foundation – International Organization for Animals and Ecology. Caring for your comfort and safety we give a voluntary commitment that we will follow in our online store.

The Centaurus Foundation Fund commits to:

  • act in accordance with applicable online retailer regulations. In the event of changes in applicable regulations, we will take all necessary steps to adapt our business to the changed regulations;
  • to provide information that allows their unequivocal identification, at least to the extent required by applicable regulations – in particular, current contact information (the information should be provided in a legible and easily accessible manner from anywhere on the website);
  • absolute compliance with the regulations;
  • to inform clearly about the purpose and scope of collecting customer information, in particular in accordance with the applicable regulations on personal data protection, including RODO;
  • to secure the collected data, as well as to realize the rights of the subject to whom the collected data pertains, in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • to inform about the gross price and the total price and terms of delivery;
  • clearly and legibly informing about any additional charges;
  • informing the purchaser of the available methods of payment and their possible costs, as well as when the fee is charged;
  • to inform about the right of withdrawal and the reliable exercise of this right for consumers;
  • ensure the security of the transmission of all information;
  • to allow the purchaser to contact us by phone or e-mail and through the contact form.